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Amy Chambers has a side interest in history she has always balanced with her day job. One day she found out that there were re-enactment groups nearby and was immediately interested in joining one.

However, she had to choose the right one and that meant she had to research Canadian history books.

She was especially attracted to the French revolution in Canada, as she felt she knew very little about it and wanted to change that in the best possible way.  While researching she found out about the Regiment de La Sarre and its important role in the battles fought in Canada.

Digging deeper, she found out it was the 2nd Battalion of the regiment that served in Canada and that there was a historical re-enactment group named after this battalion. However, she was shocked to see very few references to it in English on the net.

And after contacting them to see if she could learn a bit more about the group, she had an idea.

A web magazine devoted to the topic was needed in order to further its aim’s reach. Amy was in love with the history behind this group’s re-enactments and went on gathering more useful information about both the battles and re-enactments in general.

She did so to offer any readers that might be interested in it more information. This web magazine was born and is updated regularly.