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If you are looking to give your company a marketing boost by advertising on the Internet, our web magazine has thousands of readers spread all over Canada and the UK which makes it a perfect home for you to advertise.

Take advantage of the benefits of being visible to our readers and promote your events, products and services on our magazine. It is a unique opportunity to reach targets that you would otherwise have no access to, without spending a lot of money on TV and radio ads.

Moreover, if you are a part of a re-enactment group and would love to put it out there and be known, our web magazine is perfect for you. Post your schedule, advertise the events you will be a part of, the possibilities are endless.

We are especially dedicated to non-profit historical organizations; thus, we give these quite the priority.

Advertising with us could be the move you are missing to make yourself well-known to people that will see the need and have the desire to participate in re-enactments.

Get extra support and attract newcomers, visitors, watchers, sponsors and even University scholars, which could all help your re-enactment activities become more historically accurate.

Should you decide to take this important step and advertise on our web magazine, you will find and easy, economical and quick process. We have special fees and rates for non-profits and small groups, who might not really have the resources to pay too much to be advertised.

Use the means of direct contact to get in touch with us and let us know about your intention of advertising with us. Our friendly team will take care of you and make sure your publicity is on the right spot to be seen.