Background – 4 Important Battles where the 2nd Battalion Fought

featured image Background 4 Important Battles where the 2nd Battalion Fought - Background - 4 Important Battles where the 2nd Battalion Fought

The Second Battalion of the Régiment de la Sarre had an important if underestimated role to play in several battles during the French and Indian wars, in New France.

The history behind the battles and the feats of courage displayed by soldiers and officers of this regiment are very extensive. However, we will share with you a few snippets.

Battle of Fort Oswego

This was their first significant contribution in battle, where their participation helped in the capture of Fort Oswego after arriving in Quebec City back in 1756. After laying 7 men on the line, they also provided escorting services to take the prisoners to Montreal, after the conflict.

Battle of Fort William Henry

In August of 1757, the Regiment fought in another important battle to capture the Fort William Henry, as a part of a French ally group of over 8000 men.  This fort’s capture took the military forces 4 days and was destroyed after the victory.

Battle of Fort Carillon

Taken place on July 8, the participation of the 2nd Battalion on this victorious battle was coordinated by deployment in the left-wing, under Bourlamaque. It cost them four Captains, as Dumesnil, Campredon, and Marau were killed, and Beauclair was wounded.

Battle of the Plains of Abraham

This battle took place on September 13th and although it was a tactical disaster and was utterly lost, the bravery of the 2nd Battalion’s men who fought there, was admirable.

They fought on in spite of sustaining a significant number of casualties, including the Lt. Col. M de Sennezergues. They were finally allowed to retreat with the French Army afterward.

Since the 1st Batallion of the Regiment remained in Europe and the 2nd Battalion was the one always sent to Canada, these feats were always done by them. We trust the summing up of their participation in important battles, won or lost, will honour the memory of the fallen.

We have covered the snippets of the battles during the course of the French revolution in Canada, and we would be able to write a much longer article with every single detail explained.

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