Canada – 2 Historical Re-enactment Groups you should be Part Of

featured image Canada 2 Historical Re enactment Groups you should be Part Of - Canada - 2 Historical Re-enactment Groups you should be Part Of

If you are a Canadian who’s passionate about re-enactments, it might be time for you to join in the fun and learn a thing or two. At Régiment de la Sarre we encourage you to find the right group and join their ranks.

With this in mind, we put together an article to tell you a bit about a couple of re-enactment groups which you should be part of.

Calgary Highlanders Heritage Section

Founded back in 1996, this group aims at preserving the memory and legacy of those who served in the regiment of The Calgary Highlanders. It is a small group that’s been known to have about a dozen members, who can be seen at the Museum of Regiments where their displays of Living History can be appreciated.

The requirements to join in aren’t too tight, but you do have to be over a certain age and keep in mind you will have to get your own equipment. Additionally, if you have a Firearms Acquisition Certificate it is considered a plus.

Le Régiment de la Chaudière

This group has been active since May of 2000, aiming at remembering the French-Canadian participation in WWII and those who gave their lives. The reenactors will be representing the Regiment’s infantry as seen back during that campaign in Normandy, although more recent uniforms are also displayed by the unit, to explain the changes.

Le Régiment de la Chaudière’s re-enactments can be seen during Remembrance Day and at the War and Regiment museums. This is the perfect group for French-Canadians, as they focus on speaking French to be historically accurate.

Their members are quite welcoming and to join in you need only get your equipment and be interested in what they re-enact.

Re-enacting history is an endearing and educational activity, very physical and engaging for both spectators and participants.

Choose one of these groups that are constantly recruiting new members and contact them to start helping in the remembrance of those moments and the men and women that put their lives on the line, to serve their country.

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