Relive History – Top 3 Places in Canada

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There are several historically relevant places in Canada you can visit, where reenactors will offer their services to help you relive history. Régiment de la Sarre brings to you a list of the top places that will offer you the best experience to learn through reliving history.

L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site

Reliving these moments will be particularly relevant for any Viking history enthusiasts. You will be taken through Viking settlements that existed since the 11th century, while you are able to interact with Viking actors.

Fortress of Louisbourg

This is another National Historical site, but with a much more recent building date as it is from the 1700s. It was considered a key strategic point for the French, as they used it for defence and for trade.

Visiting it, you will not see battles per se, but you will walk among soldiers and sailors, along with children, servants and witness open fires where meals will be cooked.

Fort William Historical Park

Captured with the help of the 2nd Battalion of the Régiment de la Sarre, destroyed and rebuilt by the British, this fort has been a consistently important part of Canadian history through the centuries.

Visitors can take tours going through 42 different historic buildings and will enjoy stories told by fur traders, artisans, farmers, French voyageurs, and so on.

Whether you are interested in the slow conquering of Europe on the continent and Vikings, want to rub shoulders with militia from the 1700s or wish to visit a key Fort in Canadian history, these options will present you with great opportunities to relive history.

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